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Mr.Ayan Bhandari

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I am a part of Nyweza. We are developing a safety system for Boda-bodas in Uganda. We are made up of innovators, public health specialists, engineers and designers. As the designer, I get my inspiration by observing how people live and try to seamlessly integrate what they need into it, or change the status quo to provide better products or services. I have had the opportunity to travel the world and research everything from micro-financing in rural villages in India to OR rooms in Europe to understand the nuances of different surgery. I have then had the opportunity to react to these insights by developing projects through most stages of the design process. These opportunities have shaped my ability to think broadly early, and utilize constraints while developing details later on, all without sacrificing innovation and integrity within a product or service. I am passionate about developing things that matter and solving challenging problems that face us today as well as in the future. In the inspiring words of Richard Seymour, I believe that “good design is not about what we can do, it’s about what we should do..


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